Avatar/Sig opinions needed

I’m looking into making one of those custom sigs that also go with your avatar with photoshop. I began thinking, “Well, what character should it be of?” It took me all of 10 seconds to realize I had know clue what to do. Then it hit me like a crobar while walking down an alley. I should ask someone, but who? It hit me again as if the the guy with the crobar decided that I was too good looking. So here I am asking you people. Anyway, I don’t want to use my current one, so I need opinions and stuff. I appreciate if at least 1 out of 3 could be serious, because knowing some of you… :hint: Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Why wouldn’t you want to do one of Drizz’t?

Do one of your Final Saga character. Or possibly an RPG character you really like.

Make your avatar a Foppy.

Um, well, you probably shouldn’t ask me. :smiley:

If I might ask, what’s your current Avatar of anyway? I see a hooded man holding a couple swords. Is it from a game, a book, etc.? If there’s more pictures of this guy available on the intarweb then it should be fairly easy to do a related signature.

Or you could just go with a character you like from a random show, like I did. Took all of 5 seconds to make.

It’s an avatar of Drizz’t Whateverthefuck, the Chaotic Good Drow with Dual Scimitars and a Frickin’ Huge Cat who single-handedly caused every schmuck with a penchant for roleplaying to roll up a Drow. The race is SUPPOSED to be Chaotic Evil… he’s more overdone than your mothers.

Don’t you have a favorite video game character you can just pick?

Ask me to make a random avatar, and I’ll try not to make it one of Cherry. Unless you want one of her. =P

But seriously, ask me to make you one, give me a general idea of what you want, and it’ll be in your PM box the next time you log on.

this will be good

Drizzt Do’Urden is the COOLEST Fantasy Novel hero ever, the fact RPGD hates him proves it. A picture of his scimitars (real-life replicas are available) would make a cool sig.

Still, if you don’t want to use him, why not a Halflife one? The hero uses a (you guessed it) CROWBAR as a weapon, at least at first. :slight_smile:

That’s serious right there!

Maybe, but the kind-hearted Drow rage he caused is still pretty annoying. Drow are two steps away from being Lower Planar creatures and seeing them running trough the fields and collecting daisies is not exactly pleasant.

Uh, yeah, I have nothing against Drizz’t besides how he succeeded in making my players even MORE retarded. I just don’t really see the appeal, but all I’ve done so far involving him was read his bio in Forgotten Realms.

Seraph: True, and the DARK ELF novels showed just how evil (and Chaotic) the drow (Dark Elf) society is (in Dungeons & Dragons, anyway). It was the FANS who suddenly started wanting to have Drow characters after the novels came out, completely forgetting how unlike good drow are, or that having more than one takes away from Drizzt’s uniqueness. Then again, WHEN have people not exploited every fad to the bone!?

Drizzt is like FF7. Good on his own right, but the fans are retarded so much, those of us who see it for what it really is are ashamed of it.

Thanks for giving me an excuse to post this >_>

The Cleric’s Quintet is better. I should probably finish that series sometime.

My favorite series was the War of the Spider Queen one…

Make one of Simmer!..ugh
1:Consider what you have Example-Laguna/Squall

2:favorite RPG game (or anygame)'s cover,or characters. most likley your favorite.

3:movie yada yada yada

4:make one of how you picture one of the pople may look on this website(not 50 aged sitting drinking beer and fat.If you are going to do this.Seriously consider all of thier posts and profile (BTW IM 13 dis many.)



7:repeat steps 5-6


I have a few, now. opinions please.