Avatar Question - Size...

So I was wondering. Why is the size limit on avatars so low?

I mean, I certainly understand the 20k limit for things that are “uploaded” to to the site…

But for those avatars that are linked from off-site, why have a size limit? Is there a technical reason behind it or just that it makes life easier? Either way, I’m simply wondering because nearly every time I make a new avatar, I struggle with this tiny size limit…

So we don’t get as many annoying animated avatars.

I always thought is was limited so as to not obstruct conversations by aweing at overgrown avvies

That’s the actual size, he’s talking about filesize.

OH I’LL SHOW YOU ALL… Try and stop me with your 20k limit…! I’ll show you annoying!!!

I have full confidence in your ability to make my life a living hell.


Of course… This sucks, cause the file is too big… BLAST! I will make somthing simple and annoying, just you wait…

I actually suggest you don’t, so we’re not forced to remove it. Also, stuff like that can give people epileptic seizures. Killing forum goers is a bit too much.

…dude, is there even a motivation?

A whosa-what now?

I think the size limit might be to help those of us with crappy dial-up connections not have to wait forever for the page to load.

If a person is viewing 30 posts per page, and 20 of those people have a 40k avatar, that’s 800k just in avatars. Downloading a meg of images is a bit much.

I’d Bet the Sig’s on a Single Page take up a Couple of Meg…

Particalry when they are lots of Images. My Sprite crew I design to be As small File size as possible.

Most people just have huge amounts of text in their sigs. What really pisses me off is the people who have 3-500k sigs and they keep them for months.