Automated Lovelife Manager GFX


It actually has interesting features, although it’s a bit…specialised for an almost speed-dating lifestyle. I kinda like the reminder style, and the wingman version seems handy for those who need those rescue calls and such.

Sensitive to critics, Rick Pierce, the man behind the program, argues that GFX ( also “helps train a guy to be the best boyfriend he can be.” Pierce, 39, says he was “miserable” because he “constantly forgot the details, the little things that keep the relationship exciting.” He says “women do this naturally,” keeping score of the ups and downs, slights, and oversights. “Guys never know – until it’s too late.”

What, empathy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this

Well yeah, men are pigs. I mean, DUH.

And women are bitches. So what?

Nothing :P. It was a joke is all.

Pigs and Dogs having sex is weird, that’s what.

No stranger than a pig and a frog.


It is symbolic of and perpetuates the fucked upness of relationships and the world around us :D.

<a href=“”>Men are pigs</a>. Let it play for about 30 seconds, then I guarantee that you’ll laugh even you don’t understand the text XD

Haha that was so random. I guess Lara has a thing against German punk rock.

users can rate a woman’s maintenance fees by return on investment. In other words, if she’s costing you a fortune – and she’s still not putting out – you might want to consider dropping her from the roster.
That’s exactly how I evaluate the stocks in my portfolio – no dividends, no upside movement; sell that dog (bitch?)

Heh. Cute.

Yeah. Return investment. Uh… it’s a relationship, not a business. This is completely idiotic and callous.

Its a relationship. Not a movie theater/ candy shop/ flower shop/ jewlery shop. Then, then there is the yellling. buy, and get sceamed at. Men of all ages know a woman like that is bad.

oh god weiila. that thing is so old. I won’t ask how you dug that up. xD But everyone I know in germany, or who speaks german reasonably, knows the words to that song.
Anyway. A love-life manager, eh? Back in my days, we used the bitchy narrow-minded great-grand aunt as a matchmaker!

I have it on tape! XD

Waitwaitwait, you mean on tape!? As in, casette tape! Man, talk about old. :open_mouth:

Sorry, I meant video tape.