Auto Log Out

I keep automatically logging out every time I click on a thread that I did not start…Why? :bowser:

Edit: I will log out on one of my own threads even if I posted on the page , I will only stay logged in when on a thread of mine on the first page, or when I am not in a thread on this site.

Do you have cookies enabled?

Hmmm… This is going to sound so newb but how?I’m using Verison (sux) yahmmm

…Not only that,but new post does not updateand for some reason my post does not always make it.

The new post not making it sounds like a connection timeout, and since you have dsl, that makes this even more likely. However, if it is a connection timeout, then there is nothing you can do. Thats just your internet being slow, perhaps they are working on the lines or something.

If you want help enabling cookies, which might help solve the autologout, you’ll need to tell us what browser you are using.

Oh nevermind fixed it.signals for thread closureSorry to waste your time.