Author reveals sixth Potter title

I can hardly wait myself, I love this series!

I hope Harry is less of an asshole this time.

lamest name ever.

To what are you refering? I am unfamiliar with his being an asshole at all.

In the <i>Order of the Phoenix</i> he came across as the most annoying, self-centered, moody, emotionally unstable wreck of a teenager-going-through-puberty as possible. I never, ever got a negative impression of him in any of the other books. In other ones he came across as a much-abused yet good-hearted boy who cared about his friends very much. I received no such impression from the last book.

Yeah, I think OotP gave him a much worse character than the other four books did. Maybe This new one will rectify that.

Yeah, it’s not only that he was <i>really</i> bad (especially the way he treated Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore), it’s also the contrast with his characteristics he develops in previous books, which were almost always positive. It’s like he turned over a <strike>new</strike> old, moldy, rotten leaf.

That being said I still liked OttP.

Bear in mind when it comes to series I alwasy like the one I’ve seen/read/played the least. Thus why I think A New Hope, Megaman X5 and The Star Road are all the awesomest things in their genres. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those were pretty much the reasons I hated it :stuck_out_tongue: Too much change without explanation.

Best book was Prisoner of Azkaban.

I was always partial to Lupin. He was pretty cool. And Moody too. The rest of the DAtDA teachers sucked. And so do the other teachers, for the most part. Outside of Hagrid, like none of them are really in-depth (and yes I realize they’re support characters, but to know a bit more would be nice). Most of the students that we knw about are cool. Harry’s getting all dark on us now. HE’S THE NEXT VOLDEMORT.

Just a random prediction there.

If anyone says HP is timeless and not just for kids, they’d feel very validated reading the above responses by folks in their mid teens to mid 20s.


Neat prediction, but hopefully it won’t pan out. Not that Harry becoming Voldemort wouldn’t be cool, but it ruins the creed of children’s books: good must always triumph over evil.

Now, if that happened in the real world, we’d be in paradise.

This Half Blood Prince thing has me thinking. My first thought was Draco, but he always toots as being a pure blood. My next thought is Ron, but I can’t quite see how he gets elevated to being a Prince in one book, but I guess it could happen. My only other thought is that it’ll be some new character.

Ron’s a full-blood. Hagrid’s only half-wizard (half-giant).

Harry evolving toward “Voldemorthood” makes some sense. I think there is some link between the two. Remember the parselmouth? If Harry really was an ass in OotP (I haven’t read it) it might be an intentional evolution of the character, so that it becomes more credible if he actually becomes evil (and a host for Voldemort?) at some point. However, that does NOT mean evil will triumph. Harry might be cured, by his friends, his parents’ ghosts, his own inner goodness, etc. It’s an old comic book plotline, matter of fact.

BTW, I have intentionally avoided reading the HP books, not because I want to avoid spoilers, but because I’m used to the movie version’s style. Something tells me I might not like the books’ style. What is you people’s opinion on that?.

I think the movies are as good as the books. :victoly:

The books have more detail, characters, explain a lot of stuff that may not have made sense in the movie, and have the added advantage of being readable while listening to music (go books yaaay!). I’d say read them.

I love reading better than watching movies, yet most of the time, when I see a movie and then read the book it’s based on, I tend to feel disappointed.

I love the books myself, and the movies are okay. However, judging by what I’ve heard of Azkaban, as the books get longer the movies diminish in quality.

Wil, I would HIGHLY reccomend reading the books. If you liked the movies, you have nothing to worry about “style”-wise.