Aurora over Norway

You’re going to want to go fullscreen (right of the HD button)

1:30 - 2:30 is pretty amazing

Whoa. Beautiful!

The music was perfect too. Thanks Locke! :slight_smile:

That was pretty amazing! Thanks Locke!

I initially thought it was actual footage of the aurora, then I realized it wasn’t! :frowning: However despite that, it was very nicely done… and could have almost passed for real life! :stuck_out_tongue: I also do appreciate the fact that creating something like this is no easy task! Congrats to the guy who made and this and thanks LockeJV for giving us the link to it!

It is real footage, just sped up.

Are you really sure that it’s real? I mean, nothing else in the images move except for the light formations and their associated reflections in the water and such. You don’t see any movement in the water (ripples and all) or flickering lights in the towns or movement in the sky. Even if it is sped up really fast you should be able to see something else move! In regards to the weeds that were moving near the middle… I assumed that was edited manually. Although I’m not 100% sure… I personally believe it can’t be real.

watch the sky get darker and the movement of the stars. i don’t think NASA would feature the video on their astronomy picture of the day site if it was fake. aurora (solar winds sneaking past gaps in our magnetic field) can be pretty intense and this is really nothing out of the ordinary - just an excellent capture and presentation. there is practically limitless media you can find on them. here’s a time lapse from national geographic:

lots of pictures on the wiki page too:

Yeah I guess there are subtle changes and you do have a point about NASA! I’ve yet to see this in real life though! :stuck_out_tongue:

The auroras only happen where Earth’s magnetic fields are lower, which means near the poles- so you only see them in northern lands like Norway or southern ones like Antarctica. Not sure if Australia is “low” enough to get them.

(Trivia bit: the natives of Canada believed the lights were caused by a goddess named Nelvana. A Canadian animation company named itself after her (they made Reboot! among other things.)

Huh, the video isn’t working on my beat-up old computer. The aurora’s really beautiful, though, I got a chance to see it in Iceland.

Here’s a capture of red Southern Lights over (under?) Australia. This is very rare and was caused by the sun’s crazy solar storms of late. Incredible capture.

Sometimes…when I look up at the sky in awe of nature and all its glory, I think: This looks 'shopped.

No, Reboot was made by Mainframe Entertainment. Nelvana did the Care Bears, Tintin, and like Rupert and shit :V

I must still be too far south to see an aurora, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one before.

I wish I was there. Looks very nice. :stuck_out_tongue: