Augh! Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff!

Seems my comp has gotten an influx of happy popups which apart from being incredibly irritating sends the antivirus blaring. So I’m gonna run adaware for the first time. Now, I’m just wondering. I’m getting the version from, by Lavasoft. Now I’m just wondering, because there would be some very not nice reprecussions if I messed the comp up, is there something I should keep in mind before running it? I’m using Windows XP, and now I don’t want to hear a word about how much it sucks, tay? Jus’ gimme some warnings if there’s anything. Danke! The same goes for Spybot.

Well, I use win98 2nd, but the only real warning I should give is that your comp should load windows up a wee bit faster after using the combined powers of both programs…

(Yes, I use both)

No real problems encountered.

Just be careful what it asks you to do when/if it finds the popup files. I used Adaware once to quarentine some popups, and it ended up locking down a whole load of critical system files. I had to reformat my HD and reload everything from scratch.

Well, I have both, as well as XP, and I’ve used them several times with no problem. About the only thing I get is a message from Spybot that AdAware might think SB is a Virus. But, it hasn’t so far. I think as long as you have the latest versions (and don’t experiment much) you should be safe.

Eh I use Spybot which someone put a link to here about a year ago. It seems reliable enough, although McAfee seems to find some proggies that it feels are harmful and yet Spybot doesn’t find those. However Spybot is extremely easy to use (of course it’s the only one I’ve ever used). That’s all I have to say about that. <------ (Cheesy Forest Gump reference).

You should be OK.
I myself would have used SpyBot though. If only because that is the only program I’ve used before.

Just be careful, and make sure you have at least some idea of what the program is doing. And what it wants to delete.

Aye, I’m looking through the result list right now. 357 objects detected?! X_x
Thanks for the advice, guys :slight_smile: Now, time for springcleaning…

Destory ze viruzez! Destory zem aaaaaall!

Start up windows, and before it gets a chance to fully load, shut it down again.
Then run it again, and select run in safe mode when the selection comes up
Then run adaware and spybot. You should be fine.

I think she wants to get it off too.