Ok I been meaning to share this, AudioScrobbler .

What is Audioscrobbler?

Audioscrobbler is a computer system that builds up a detailed profile of your musical taste. After installing an Audioscrobbler Plugin, your computer sends the name of every song you play to the Audioscrobbler Server. With this information, the Audioscrobbler server builds you a ‘Musical Profile’. Statistics from your Musical Profile are shown on your Audioscrobbler User Page, available for everyone to view.

There are lots of people using Audioscrobbler, but you probably won’t be interested in most of them. The Audioscrobbler Server calculates which people are most similar to you, based on shared musical taste, so you can take a look at what your peers are listening to.

With this information, Audioscrobbler is able to automatically generate suggestions for new songs/artists you might like. These suggestions are based on the same principles as Amazon’s “People who bought this also bought X,Y,Z”, but because the Audioscrobbler data is what people are actually listening to, the suggestions tend to make more sense than Amazon.

It’s not just pure statistics and recommendations, there are active forums, groups, weekly charts… The system is being worked on full time, and they plan to roll out many more features.

  1. Goto AudioScrobbler and register a username and profile
  2. Download a Plugin , enter your login details
  3. Listen to music

Its very IMPORTANT that you have your mp3’s tagged properly. So go get em done right. I suggest Mp3 Tag Studio. Feel free to use what you want though, just make sure they are right.

Once your done setting it up, and have it running, post your username in this thread, so we can all add each other to our friends lists.

My profile can be found here and I also made a group for use that belong to RPGClassics, you can join here

I’ll try to get someone to whip up a nice icon for our group. Maybe MrSaturn? HINT HINT!

I’m part of your lovely group now. FoxNewsReporter.

Yeah, I’ve been with it since last year. I’ll join.

Bwahaha. Me make an icon for us. Without blizzard herre, I basically beg aimlessly in the chat for people to help me with images for any work I actually do around here… speaking of which… what do I do around here? It’s been years since I did something productive…

They’re still not taking new sign ups, though, so I’ll have to wait for you all to see my terrible taste in music.