ATTN: Virus Detection and Deletion

I seem to be having virus issues.

In response to my chat room banning (IE: “Banned?” in the Chat Forum") it was suggested that I run an anti-virus scan in order to prevent something like that from happening again. So here, I am, running virus scans. However, it seems that I have a few, but Norton, in it’s infinite wisdom, can’t seem to either repair them, quarantine them, or is unable to delete them at all.

As such, and since virus’s are a no-no, I need either a) links to working virus removal tools (that are as up-to-date as possible), or b) find a way to make Norton do it’s job correctly.

Hewlet Packard 9900
Windows XP
Norton System Works + Anti Virus 2003


When Norton can’t disable a virus, click on the virus’s name to open a link to Symantec’s web site linking you to a more in-depth definition of the virus, and more importantly, virus removal programs and/or instructions on how to remove the virus(es).

Try getting the trial version of AVG.
It works really well.

Don’t get the trial version, it expires. Get the FREE version.