ATTN: Sin, Charl

Well, I guess this means you can have that “Pirate Captain” black and white drawing avatar now.


I guess I could take it… >.>…but I probably won’t. I just find it kinda weird someone would have an avatar of…me o_o

I’m coloring that at the moment It can be done fairly soon if you want it.

Edit: just finished <img src=“”>

I liked the pic better in black and white, no offense. ^^;; It looks less like Sin now. The outfit should be black, and the bandanna green…

It’s hard to do a black outfit when coloring something converted from grayscale, and I wasn’t actually planning on anyone useing it, so it wasn’t made to any real specs except what the voices in my head told me to do. I can make it a very dark green though.

black , grey, dark green are colors I typically wear.

Looks cool, anyway :slight_smile: Can we see the greyscale version?

<img src=“”>

That is the origional that Ren posted from a comic, I just colored it.

Edit: I’m working on a green oneat the moment.

It looks cool, if noone wants to use it I will.:cool:

Hey!, Never forget about this ol’ good Lucky Luigi! (bard)