ATTN: Should zepp make a super question thread

Hi. My name is zeppelin. In my many, many years here, I have never made one of these so-called “question thread extravaganzas.” For you see, for the first time in the history of the forums we’ve had, and the wipes, and the hacks, I will soon be reaching 1000 posts for the very first time. I guess I’m just picky about what I like to post. Generally, I am opposed to question threads, and I do not participate in them except for rare circumstances. But maybe I should make one just for traditions sake, and because I am awesome. So I will leave it up to you, oh chosen ones. Should zeppelin make a 1000 post question thread or not?

Stop posting before you reach 1000 posts.


Voted no and moving on.

hurr see what i did there? hurr

Question threads are for faggots. Are you a faggot, Zepp?

I vote yes, for he is indeed a faggot.

If you want the answer to that question then you should have voted yes! :mwahaha:

Blast! Foiled again by a faggot.

Aw, man. That could have been an interesting thread.

It could have been.