ATTN: Senator Liebermann

WoW…serious business.

I don’t understand, what are you suggesting to your senator?

Irresponsible people will cause deaths no matter the medium Death uses to come. This article calls a lot of attention because it links videogames to death of a baby girl, but irresponsability too is responsible for children who are roadkilled, shot, poisoned, taken by pedophiles etc. It’s serious parenthood that will save lives, not game bashing.

Now, if what you suggest is a law to keep parents more aware of how their kids are doing, I think education and morals are the best way. I learned since I was a small kid that small kids must NEVER be left alone and unwatched.

Liebermann is the guy who is always saying videogames are the devil and cause bad things to happen to people. This is fuel for his little fire.

No one has directly said gaming was the cause of this (Though I’m sure someone will). This is simple stupidity, they could have gone shopping or whatever and the result would have been the same.

This is negligence with a hint of ADD

Korea … Isn’t that the same place where a guy died while playing Everquest for like three days straight?

Oh well … at the risk of sounding tactless, at least their offspring is out of the gene pool … >.>

Darwin Award!

Something had to have been up with the parents besides long hours of gaming for them to totally neglect their kid for that long. I mean, I like gaming, but I don’t forget to feed my pets on a regular basis. :stuck_out_tongue:

frankly this is just one more nail in the coffin of MMOs clearly with events like this becoming ever more common someone should step in and regulate them somehow

a good idea would be fornetworks to somehow make it so all ports for these kind of things be disabled after a certain time leaving only basic internet access and give stiff penalties for those found playing over a certain limit

what do you guys think

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I think that it’s people who are damned stupid. If one could afford a brain they would play any game with responsibility (wow, I sound like Jack Daniels’ adv.) no matter how addicting it may be. Hell, those parents were jackasses not to realize that a baby needs constant attention. Play the f***ing game later, dammit. WoW, or any other game, has the sole purpose to entertain, not to cause that stuff or murders (selling the other guy’s rare items FOR REAL MONEY anyone?) or shit like that. That’s what I think.

They should make the games less-fun.

World of Warcraft has both player kill and baby kill implemented?

People like that and especially parents like that need help, not jail time.

I hope they at least got an EPIC drop

Moot point now.

I dunno about you, but if a game becomes so important that you need to leave your kid unattended…

Maybe it’s time to rethink your priorities.

I think (and hope :P) he was kidding…

Zepp doesn’t kid. Every word that comes from his mouth is the gospel truth, and if you don’t know that, I think you may be a robot, sent from the future to destroy us all. Yeah, I said it.

Obviously, this is a case of addiction getting out of hand. I don’t see this as a nail in the coffin of MMOs, as I see them becoming the primary genre of games in the future. This sucks for me, cause I don’t like MMOs. For those of you who do like them, though, look forward to plenty more.

Indeed. If we limit the play time people can have for games, we’ll have to limit smoke time, bar time, football time etc. too. The problem is not the games, it’s the disturbed people playing them.

Number of kids killed as a result parental neglect due to MMO games = ummm…maybe 1?

Number of kids killed as a result of other types of parental neglect = 65,000,000 or some stupidly high number.

Somehow I don’t think MMO games are the most serious concern.

Yeah, but since this is just one example, instead of a commonplace occurance, it gets much more attention and will obviously be seen as worse.

Wow, you really think so?