Attn: good Roleplayers

I am looking for members of the Gamaker Guild
and I was wondering if any of you would like
to join. The guild is a group of game makers
(preferably good ones) and we all get together via gamefaqs, IM, or email etc. to exchange game ideas. We’d all have specific rolls for example:
Someone would be in charge of making up the general idea Someone would make up stats
Someone would make up spells
Someone would make up monsters
So, anyone interested?

Can I be the guy who creates weapons?

Can I be the guy who creates monsters?

I’m interested…

…Interested in seeing you gutted and hung by a meat hook!

Can I be the leader of the team, command around people, and do absolutely nothing?


I can make the general idea!
It will be about an evil sorceress who defeats the heroes without even concentrating! *Nod, nod.

Speaking of meat hooks,

edit - to be on topic, maybe the Fee Roleplaying forum would be better suited for this.

edit #2 - God, spam much?

I put on my wizard robe.

And fly?
Or summon Merlin, Sinistral or Zero?

I cast magic missile.

in the dark?

Anywhere you want ;D

jerks jerks everywhere jerks!