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<img src=“”> Haw :stuck_out_tongue:

God I love FoxTrot. Still, a few things in that code I didn’t get, but that’s just 'cuz I haven’t finished my first semester in programming yet… I understand the for loop, and I don’t know what printf is. I’ve also never seen void put in the parentheses of the main function. But still, it gets the point across and is funny.

<img src=“”> int count; - the variable int, which gets assigned a certain number

for(count=1;count<=500;count++) - int gets assigned a value of 500, and it’s supposed to do something at every number (you can also change this to every even number or whatever)

printf(“I will not throw paper airplanes in class.”); - this “prints” the phrase between the (), aka, it shows that message on screen.

Now, combine all that, and you can see that the script prints the phrase at every number, aka, 500 times. At least, that’s how I got it, but I don’t know any programming, so uh, yeah.

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The VOID in the brackets is the parameters for main.

for (count = 1; count<=500; count++)

sets count equal to 1, repeats when count is less than or equal to 500, and increases count at every interval.

Hahahhahahha, I so get that joke. Hahahahahaha.
But really, Foxtrot rules. They had some good starwars related comics.

heheh…that actually made my laugh

Foxtrots the fucking shit man - even if you don’t get it you still know what it is, which is what makes it funny.

Isn’t programming fun, and useful?

It’s been a while since I’ve read FoxTrot. I suppose I’ll have to try and catch up on it again.

Heh, cool.

Yeah, I love Foxtrot. Jason rox0rz, at least he would say so :stuck_out_tongue:

Bwahaha :hahaha; That script would be even shorter if it were in BASIC.

while (1 == 1) echo “I will not create infinite loops”;

Foxtrot is awesome.

Too bad Jason forgot the "
" in the printf string. He’s gonna need a wider blackboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, is this new? I stopped reading newspaper comics a couple years ago.

HArdly. Fox Trot’s been out for a while.

And yes, ys it does kick ass.

Hmm… in my class, we just use #include<iostream.h> and use cout to print to screen, so I wasn’t familiar with printf.