Attn: All High School Seniors

Graduation is drawing neigh, so I thought It’d be keen to have a thread saying when they graduate, where they’re gonna go, what major, blah blah blah, etc. So I’ll start.

Graduation: May 25th
School Days left: 5
College: Jacksonville State Alabama
Living at: Marching Band Dorms
Major: Masters in Music
Scholarships earned: Gem of the Hills ($300 per semester on first year) Marching Southerners ($500 per semester renewable) Jazz Band ($400 per semester also renewable) Academic Scholarship (1/3 or either a) First year tuition or b) 4 year tuition paid off) FASFA and PALE Grant still coming in.
Future Plans: Anything in music that appels to me and racks in some cash

I think that’s about it.

k how bout u?

Graudation: May 24th, I think.
Days Left: 2, not counting AP exams.
College: University of Georgia, Honors Program
Dorm: Most likely Meyers with Kagon.
Major: Dunno.
Scholarships: $1000 to UGA for being among top 5% of applicants and HOPE, the best damn scholarship ever.
Future Plans: Dunno. Maybe law.

I wonder who the class of 2003 is for RPGC. The class of 2001 one had like me, Sin, Sat, Zero, and I’m sure others.

Class of 2002 all the way!

Graduation: May 18th
Days Left: 0, but I have AP Exams in Calculus AB and US/Comparitive Government to take
College: University of Georgia, Honors Program
Dorm: Probably Meyers with 984
Major: Political Science, possibly with a minor in Japanese
Scholarships: Didn’t get any at UGA, but I got ones everywhere else I applied.
Future Plans: Dunno just yet, foreign affairs interest me so I might end up being in that field.

Luckies…Im class of 2005…originally, I’ll probably end up graduating a semester late or something though due to general lazyness.

I graduate this year.

Graduation: June 27
Days of school left: 40 overall but a lot of it is finals and such.
College: SUNY Oswego
Dorm: Johnson Freshman Dorm
Planned Major/minor: Computer Science and theatre
Scholarships: Usual federal grants and one thing that I should be a shoo in for. It’s a local grant.
Future plans: Computer programmer etc. or a comedian.

Yeah, Flint! class of 2002 forever! ^_~

Anyway, good luck to all you guys who’re graduating. College is so much more fun than high school! You’ll love it.

I wish I were graduating this year… Damn me and being at least a year younger than all my rl friends!

Anyway, I’m gonna stop wasting space in this thread and just say “Congrats” to all our kids with diplomas. :slight_smile:

Graduation - June 16

Days left - Approximately 30

College - Community College (Then probly either Fullerton, UCSD, or maybe somewhere far east)

Living - In a two bedroom house with my two best friends (You might know them in the MBs and Chat as Kyral and Raven)

Major - Master or PH.D in Music Theory and Composition

Scholarships - No clue if I stay in the west, if I go east, I can probly expect a free ride because I’m an ethnic minority. Woohoo.

Future Plans - Score Composer for Video Games, and maybe movies. I’ll probly do arrangements of songs and stuff too, cos I’m good at that, and it makes money.

hell, i guess i’m from the class of 2001 also!! hurrah and all that!

GO CLASS OF 2007!!!

Great, I’m all alone here

Graduation: June 1st
School Days left: Thirteen or so
College: University of Michigan ( I almost chose Notre Dame, but it costs too much )
Living at: Honors College
Major: English Literature
Scholarships earned: National Merit Scholarship ( $2500 ), Michigan Merit Test ( $2500 )
Future Plans: To become a writer


Class of 2002 is the best ev0r!

Huzzah, 2002.

class of…2007. damn youth.

Graduation - same as for Kagon
Days left - none, but AP exams for BC Calculus, Physics C: Mechanics, Art History, Comparative Government, and American Government.
College - Emory
Living - dunno yet
Major - dunno yet
Scholarships - none
Future plans - dunno yet

I have no real idea when I graduate, all I’ve been told is that it’s sometime in June. As for the rest, I don’t think the Norwegian school system fits into it. I plan to become a Lektor ( teacher on high school, university level ) though.

Graduation - 05/31
Days left - technically 8 school days left but its basically done after the 12th
College - duke university
Living - fr. dorms
Major - biomedical engineering
Scholarships - national merit scholarship - $2500
Future plans - beats me


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Congrats on all these years of hell and Good Luck.

Oh, SG. If you’re looking for a music major and heading East, Jacksonville University has a kick ass music program, and it’s pretty easternly.