Attention: Your Swift Kid intake will be cut down

Well, school has started for me, and that means I must say bye-bye to my computer 'till the weekends. But that doesn’t mean I won’t come around.


You know, you didn’t have to make a thread for this.

If somebody leaves, for a hour or a week, they feel that they need to warn people that don’t give a damn.


Aye Baku’s right.


Would you stop witht he damn “FREE POST!” crap? It’s annoying.

And Swift, I have to say, this IS a rather pointless thread.

If you’re not actually leaving, don’t make a good-bye thread, simple as that. We don’t need to discuss it (even though it looks like we now will end up doing just that).

Who are you again?

How sad.

Mr. Waving Smilie will surely miss you and his daily booty.

Really if your involved in roleplays in such make a post in them to let people know you’ll be less active. making threads to say. everyone I’m becoming less active for a while is very offensive to some people who have nothing better to do than come up with reasons to harass people.

I wont say free post.

But you know I’m thinking it.

Have fun n’shit.

As much as I hate to admit it, school work is more important. Hurry back when you can though.

Work hard,