As most know, we had a slight board issue of boards being broken/frozen in timeless space.

You may also be aware this happened after a discussion about Sinistral’s penis, and more importantly, QUESTIONING about it.

The two are not unrelated. Please refrain from doing this in the future.

Everything is fine, nothing is ruined.

I have renewed my hatred for all of you who frequent the Free RP forum.

Wait, what happened?

YES! I have obtained a higher level of being hated by TD.

I was precisely going to comment about this as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was also totally unrelated to today’s OL.


Great, just what I need- something else TD hates me for…

And for future refernece, don’t touch yourself at night, Ramza. Thank you.

we had a slight board issue of boards being broken/frozen in timeless space

How about fixing the views counter?
If you just read the thread without posting on it, you are a nonentity :wink:

He had to clean it.


(The two are not unrelated)

So…that’s a double negative, yes?

So… talking about Sin’s penis results in a temporary lock down of time and space?

That is the most awesomest of all penises. Where can I sign up for one?


What is this “clean” you speak of, and where can I buy one of those?

Seriously? Poor TD.

imitates game over theme Badat-dat-DAAAAAANNNNNNNNN!!!

I have changed my ways.

It’s all about the MORNINGS now, baby!


Wait, you mean … frozen in time while touching yourself in the morning?

That’s gotta suck. No, wait …

If time were actually frozen, I’d go around raping and pillaging everything in sight.