Attention Firefox Users Again.

Unfortunately, it looks like there was a very serious bug in the original release of my extension. >_< I hate to ask, but I’d appreciate it if everyone could please please re-install the new version. On the plus side, it’ll actually be faster when the information is processed. ^^;

Once again, my apologies. The XPI can be found here:

What was the bug?

My guess is that it was a weevil…

I stored the URLs as numbers (0, 1, 2, etc.) after processing. But I also wanted to sort them. The problem is that once I sorted them, the numbers were no longer correct! E.g. if I stuck an item between numbers 1 and 2, the one that used to be 2 is no longer 2. There was a simple way around it, so I’m kicking myself, but there you have it.

You know, a much easier way of installing the extension is just downloading the file, and dragging it to your extensions menu.



… Yeah, I know that joke was crap.