Atlus is bringing out the big gun's

First it was Disgaea then it was La Pucelle,and maybe we will get Phantom Brave,and now this.Atlus sure is pringing down the house this year.Look at all the people who are joining to make this game.

Atlus has become one of my favorite if not my favorite company.

Atlus has always been a great company. They’re responsible for Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre being in the states. I think Square bought Atlus a couple years ago.

Unfortunatly i never had the pleasure of playing any Ogre Battle games,maybe I will go see if i can find it and play it.

You can emulate the first one easaly enough.

Havning fallen in love with Disgaea and La Pucelle, you can bet that I’ll check this out. These guys havn’t dissapointed me yet.

Sounds neat and like it is worth a cookie.

La Pucelle was translated by Mastiff, and I believe Phantom Brave is being translated by the newly created American branch of Nippon Ichi. So, I don’t think you can really give Atlus credit for those unless you go with the theory that they wouldn’t have been brought over if it weren’t for Disgaea.

Still waiting for Disgaea and LPT for releases over here. :\

Big Nutter

Atlus used to link to us too :frowning:

That was when we could afford to pay people to make Shrines. Although most of the money was deposited in the First National Bank of Shaheen. >.>

Great, just great. Just when I thought my backlog couldn’t get any bigger… :hahaha;

It’s only within the last year or two that they took us off. I remembered seeing RPGC being linked to on their page.

Wow, way to link to RPLAMER on the RPGC message board :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t be surprised if you got the major smackdown ban from Merl.

And yeah, Atlus has always been good at making games which are both interesting to play (plot-wise, or at least premise-wise) and with really good gameplay. I uh, don’t have a PS2, but if I did I’d be looking forward to this game, heh.

Wow, way to link to RPLAMER on the RPGC message board :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t be surprised if you got the major smackdown ban from Merl

Ok,ok i admid it,it’s the only place i know where to get info about RPG’s (Besides here)

There’s RPGFan that I read for my RPG news, RPGamer doesn’t cover the games as detailed.

And Sin, Square-Enix bought Quest, the makers of the Ogre Series. Atlus only served for localisation of the titles.

Now that i think about it i ended up in RPGC for the first time because i forgot how to get into rpgamer,and instead wrote classics.

Atlus has two subsidiaries that are godly. The first being R&D 1, which brought them fame and fortune in Japan (ANYTHING related to Shin Megami Tensei, meaning : Persona, Soul Hackers, and so on and so forth).

The second being Million, which is basically Technos Japan Corp. under a new name. They’ve been remaking their own games for GBA, and I’ve yet to find one that sucked. Granted, the localization for Super Dodgeball Advance was bad, but come on, Atlus really redeemed itself with RCREX.