Atelier Iris : Eternal Mana

Or how stupid I am of pre-ordering a game that I cannot play due to renovations in my room. Rar.

Well, that and Katamari Damacy.

Anyway, anyone play it yet? Anyone got any impressions? Mind you, I’ve got until sunday to be console-less, so…

Wasn’t really that great. I played the Chinese release when my friend gave it to me over a year ago. Very meh.

Maybe they added stuff for the North America release, but i doubt it.

And i really hope you ordered the second KD, considering its coming out soon and is superior to the first :stuck_out_tongue:

First thing I did after playing into the first 5 minutes was turn off the fucking stupid voice acting. The fact that I can CHOOSE not to listen to thier terrible voices makes me happy. The game is pretty cool so far, very classic RPG style though.

I was curious about this game, since I hadn’t heard anything about it until today when I was checking prices for something else. I’m looking forward to reading people’s opinions.

That I did, my friend, that I did.

Anyway, considering the lack of recent RPGs the PS2’s been getting…

Is it just me, or is the whole RPG genre dying in NA as of late?

I think other companies have just given up on releasing their RPGs in NA, because they know the only thing that sells is Squeenix crap. =\


There’s also Atlus, but DDS2 doesn’t come out 'till AUGUST.

I am still stuck on DDS1. Fun game though =D

I have too much games to play, so DDS1 took a seat on the backburner. Really fun game though. Plus, good celshading.

Am currently playing DDS1…fun indeed. I got Atlier Iris, but that is on my backburner…too many games and too little time.

ok, so back to Atelier Iris, I’ve been playing it alot and quite frankly can’t put it down. Its alot better than I expected it to be.

Well, I haven’t touched it yet (will get into it heavily tomorrow, so…), but I did pre-order it because I thought it would be good old-school yet newfangled.

EDIT : Only 4 hours into the game, and I want to kill whomever first thought of the concepts of catgirls.