Atelier Iris Arranged Deceitful Wings

If you like video game music, this is a set of remixes by none other than SSH, one of the best remixers there is. After seeing what he could do, aparently this company asked him to make a remix album. While I’ve read reviews that this was the greatest thing since sliced bread, I woudn’t go as far. I like my remixes a little less synthy than this is, a little bit more like some of the material he has on his site. I believe there’s a little bit of room for improvement, particularly on the bonus remix CD, which I had difficulty distinguishing from the remixes he made on the first CD. It isn’t as intense as some of his other work or as Ys Oath in Felghana (and I personally like it HARD). Nevertheless, if you like SSH, Atelier Iris or synth-rock in general, this will not be wasted on you.

Searching for SSH on google sucks.
Damn good at remixing, but finding the site is hard.

It’s over <a href=“”>here</a> for those who don’t want to sift through all that shell shit to get to the site.

I’m partial to Heavy New Year and his remix of HOLY ORDERS (BE JUST OR BE DEAD) from Guilty Gear :3

I found the best boss battle tune… or two… three!!!

I hope we get SSH extras"!! I’ll got and get my 2 by4.

Steve, did you hear his Castlevania or Bigblue mixes? Fighting of the Spirits is pretty nice also.

I like Fighting of the Spirt… It’s my Phone tone…

But this vertions great.

Hades was ranting and raving about the castlevania mix.
It was okay =\