Atelier Iris: A question.

I know I said I had homework, but I got a big load done yesterday so I only have to review a little now. Since Igatona and Izlude praised this game I thought I’d give it a try and I’m loving this, I’m already past the Flawless Marvel.

My problem: I need more Comet Stones and Gold Legiens for synthesis. I already bought all of both from Hute and got the Gold Legiens at Alexia Cave, is there any way to get more?

I believe there’s another Gold Legien in the Sewers, but you have to be able to fly to reach it. Other than that, they rarely show up in Alexia Cave, and I’ve heard they can show up in the bags offered in the fairy plane.

I see… I’ve seen the one in the sewers several times, but I thought that the one in Alexia was a one-time only, you’re saying it’s more of a one-in-a-blue-moon type? And the Comet Stones?

Out of curiosity, is there a Mana for each element?

Comet Stones should reappear in Hute’s shop. There’s a gold legien the first time always, but after that, it’s really rare.

And no, there’s not a Mana for each element.

The Comet Stones DID reappear at Hute’s for a while, but they just vanished eventually. And I mean gone, there’s not even the “Sold Out” card anymore.

Thanks, by the way.

Oh, if they vanish without even a Sold Out sign, it means they’re permanently gone now. There’s not too many synths that require comet stones though.

Ugh… I kept making the Ring of Love synth since they sold at 4500 C, which requires a Comet Jewel, which in turn requires a Comet Stone… still, I think I no longer need them…

Hey, does the Golden Handle in Iris’ Resting Place ever reappear? I’ve heard it’s supposed to after a while.

Yeah, they do reappear. I had to go in and out of the Resting Place about ten times, but they do come back.

[STRIKE]Just in case you care, I just figured how to get unlimited Gold Legiens. If throw an Angel Quill Pen and Bunny Ears (In that order) into the pond at the bottom of Cleft of Nelvia, the spirit will let you choose between Gold Legiens and some other item… a Glow Stained I think.

[STRIKE]In the same way, Angel Quill Pen + Devil Quill pen = Twisted Lando.[/STRIKE] Wait, no, that wasn’t it. I’ll try to remember what the right combination was.

I’ll try to see if I can come up with any more formulas, but it would help if this thing followed any sort of patern.[/STRIKE]

So the damn pond thingie is completely random, wonderful.