Atelier Iris 2

Ok, I have a little problem with a Boss in this game: (Quetzalcoatl- and no, I have no idea why it’s called that, it certainly doesn’t LOOK like one) who is one of those “fake final bosses” (I know it’s not really the last boss because I still have to deal with Chaos); it also happens to be one of the bosses from the previous game (!) though I didn’t find it THAT hard to beat then. I suspect it may be the fault of the Gamefaqs walkthrough I’m using- or rather, the fact I followed it TOO closely: I suspect I haven’t upgraded the characters’ weapons enough and/or had them learn enough skills, because I kept doing exactly what the walkthrough told me, and did not follow my own instincts.

In any case, this IS a case of ramped-up Boss Difficulty, because none of the other bosses before it had given me so much trouble. To wit: the thing does HUGE amounts of damage (well, for this game) often enough to knock out my characters in one hit, it has area attacks, it has a hit-me-and-you’ll-pay condition, it casts poison and curse (which prevents my characters from healing) and worst of all, it heals itself for 500+ points per turn! (I hate it when Bosses do that. ) :frowning: I have beaten harder bosses in other games- but usually my characters were MUCH stronger by then (my party is about level 30 right now.) I have to be doing something wrong. So, anybody can advise me here? I’ve lost twice to it already and I really just want to be done with the stupid thing and get back to the story. In particular:

-Is there a way to keep it from healing?
-Is it vulnerable to any particular element?
-Oh, and btw: when you invoke one of the game’s “repeating” effects (like Poe’s Refuel Shot) are you limited to ONE such effect? In other words, if I activate a second one, does the first end? This hadn’t really come up until now.

Any help is appreciated.

Grind more.

No, seriously, this was one of the most pathetically easy games I’ve ever played. I didn’t even use a single mana item up until the last boss. If you’re having serious trouble against anything, you’ve obviously skipped way too much preparation. Especially make sure to get better weapons so you get more powerful skills. I remember Felt’s Raging Strike being great for a while until you get Final Edge, and Fee’s Ein Zecksclaw variants are just about the best skills in the game.

I agree with Seraphim. The only boss giving me serious trouble in this game was the very last one, and I didn’t really grind once. The only thing close to grinding was running around gathering mana materials every now and then. My team always consisted of Gray, Felt and Fee, standing in that order. The others hardly even saw battle if I could avoid it, because those three just breezed through everything. Grey has some massively powerful special attacks that made hatchmeat of almost any boss.

Oh, I definitely agree with this game being easy. I use ONLY Break Attacks during most battles and it usually results in the monsters losing without even attacking once! Which is why I find THIS boss so damn frustrating. I guess I should upgrade the weapons as much as I can. In fact, I’m strongly tempted to just start over, this time using MY RPG gaming insticts (yes, I still DO have them, despite my over-reliance on guidebooks over the years :stuck_out_tongue: ) Should I just do that? (FYI I’m already 50 hours into the game; now that I’ve played those areas I should pass them even faster. Would that take less time than grinding enough to beat Quetz? Or would it at least be less monotonous?)

You’re asking if replaying the whole fucking game plus grinding would be faster than just grinding? Dude, just make a couple weapons and fight for ten/twenty minutes.

No, I was asking if it would be more fun. And to be honest, now that I realize that I was playing the game wrong (I just checked and I’m several weapon levels behind, at least with Poe) I can’t get over the feeling that I should just start over. And since the game is so easy (and fun) starting over (which I would otherwise rarely do) is actually an option here. So… that’s what I’m gonna do.

If I STILL get my ass kicked after I play my way back to Mr. Floating Hands, THEN I’ll ask for help again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks anyway, folks! :wave: