At last, after four years, I am free....I mean 1000 posts

Well actually 999 posts, but that will be changed later on. Anyway, after being at RPGC since 2001, I been pretty much been the staffer who just posts every once in a while and generally work on my shrines. But I guess after four years and a few board changes, I finally reach 1000 posts. Okay…I might already reached it if the Ezboards were counted, but meh.

Anyway, I do believe you get to ask a question to me, which I should answer on my 1000 post soon. And please, don’t ask anything like “Are you going shut down TRT” or “Are you a idiot, or were borned stupid”. And I can’t reveal the secret ingredient for Soylent Green either.

And the first person to mention my grammar will die a horrible death…and I do mean horrible. :mwahaha:

[edit] Fill free to post questions still, but now I will answer them immediately.


Do you like the Backstreet Boys?

Congratulations on all your work on RPGC, Rirse, specially TRT. :cool:

I’m not sure if you have explained this before, but what does your name stand for? (It reminds me of the Spanish word “Reirse” which means “To Laugh” but I don’t think that’s what you had in mind, right?) :hahaha;

How do you pronounce Rirse?

interesting comparison, I never
and on topic…lets see…any question you say?Alright answer me this:
Why are guys so freakin’ complicated?

by the way Will, I <3 your avvie ^^

Do you love the Midwest? Also do you realize Indiana is basically a highway through the Midwest?

Would you make out with me?



Where are you from, rirse? I’ve always guessed quebec. How off am i?

Also, what made you start TRT?

Is that you dressing as Sailor Buba and all those female sides of yours a sign that you wish to show us you’re somewhat queer?

Am I Freya’s incarnate?

y u b h8n?

Congratulations! ^^
What sort of music do you like?

Do you have trouble with long-term projects?

What, just a question…

Which way did he go, George? Which way did he go?

Football (Soccer): England or Arngenta? Decide soon, Kick off is in over an hour!!

This is the only thing I have agaist some members of this Board.

North Korea or Cuba?

Congrats to Rirse!
What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had? Let’s say here, and outside. =P


Don’t you think it’s a cop-out when people fill in the favorite movie/game/etc. option with something like “I can’t decide”?

~How do you feel about Redheaded women?

~Shoryuken or Tatsumakisepukiyaku?