Astroids: The Movie!

Universal has the rights to make a movie based on Astroids.

So when the hell are they going to make a Pac-Man movie damn it!?

I can see it now…

The average cosmonaut might give up when abandoned for dead in a dense astroid field
know as a haven for extra-terrestrial bounty hunters, but not Captian Spaceman!
Join him in the adventure of a lifetime as he tries to get back home in one piece.
Summer 2010

…and here I was, expecting this to be a parody trailer like Pac-Man or Minesweeper. Silly me.

Did they really need to buy the rights to make this? I get the feeling it will be nothing like the game.

I got my slow moving space rocks fix when Armageddon came out. They’re going to have to work a lot harder to get my movie dollars with this.

Damn you!
I was gonna say “in before Armageddon”. YOU RUINED IT FOR ME! D:

Why would they make a movie of that game? And yes, pac ma would be WAY better. WAY BETTER.

There going to make a movie on Stretch Armstrong? Stretch Arm strong!?!?

Has someone ran out of ideas?

Five bucks says they’ll do a Pong movie next.

Can you imagine a Pixar-esque Frogger movie?

Two words: Duck. Hunt.

Hmm…Rape Play.

The saga continues!

“We imagine a fuming attendee at Comic-Con 2010 spitting vitriol at the Asteroids panel for the decision to change the space ship from an isosceles triangle to an equilateral triangle.”

Lol. Hilarious.

because I think what it tells you is that there’s going to be this big thing in space. We’ve crafted a really strong, deep mythology for the thing.

Thanks for that, Killmore. Now I know the director has a good grip on it.

Oddly enough, I think it’s better that they make video game movies out of things like Asteroids simply because there IS no plot. They can craft a plot completely out of thin air, while still keeping true to the game. As long as there’s a ship blowing up asteroids with a gun, it’ll be Asteroids. Taking a more complex game and making it a movie means that you have to adapt more than create. Hell, I think a lot of Atari games would make awesome movies. Space Invaders, Pitfall, Berserk, Adventure, et cetera.

Well what is worst now is that they are not just making asteroids movie but a 2012 movie which they say is base from a prophecy of a mayan calendar

Custer’s Revenge. Run to the Hills can play in the background for the entire movie.

I’d have to agree to apoint. Simple Games that made [STRIKE]great[/STRIKE] entertaining movies:

  • Street Fighter
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Resident Evil

That whole crystal skull thing?