Aspir + Drain = Unreliable

What’s the deal with these two spells ? It seems these two spells are very random in their effect.

For example, in Qufim we were fighting crabs, and someitmes my Aspir would suck 49 MP from the little guy, and sometimes it would suck only 4 from one. What could cause the same spell to have such a diverse effect among monsters of the same type ? I have this same experience with Drain.

  1. The crab ma simply be next to out of MP. You can’t absorb MP it doesn’t have.
  2. Dark element monsters are resistant towards drain/aspir. I can drain most mobs for 60~. I cast Drain on a bat, and I get 2, maybe 3 health. Hell, my max for a bat is the 9 HP I got in Ranperre’s Tomb
  3. You have to keep your Dark Magic skill up to date. This is much easier to do now with Bio costing 15 MP. And once you get your Absorb-stat spells, you’ll be keeping it near cap most of the time.

This is probably the most likely reason. It’s basically the same reason why any other spell (such as, say, Thunder) will occasionally only hit for 7 damage or so - because it gets resisted.

Yeah, i know drain spells suck again bats… but i mean crabs… how can a crab run out of MP ? it doesnt even use it !

Because thoseparticular crabs only start to get MP at higher levels. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve tested. Idrained 8 MP once, then 0 MP about 3 times from those crabs.

Just drain from nearby Banshee or Light Elemental instead!

Locke, thats a good idea !!! i wish i had thought of that !