asking for help ... Lufia 2 Rise of the Sinistrals

my first post/thread here,

I come from Austria, south to Germany, if u don’t know ^^
… since a little time, I am addicted to the good old snes rpg’s
I play them on emulator…
and I don’t know if im posting to the right forum, because … like i wrote below, this is my first post in this forum

So, here is my Problem …
I am in Treadool…
like the walkthrough on the mainpage said, I went to the “rock” in the south
but here comes my Problem, i went there BEFORE i met the flowergirl,
so there was no flower on the rock,
after that, i went back to Treadool, and the flowergirl hasn’t been there too :[

so if I went to the rock, there’s no flower and in the city there is no girl.

Is there any way to get the quest?
I see no way, but I don’t really want to play the game again from the beginng, also because I already found 6 iris items and Gades blase in the Ancient Cave

would be VERY nice if someone could help me :confused:


Hmm, all I can think of is to make sure you talked to Lexis before and make sure you have the Engine, as well as following all the steps up to the “meet the flower girl” part. I don’t think going to Berg der Blumen (forgot the English name, the mountain south of town) will stop her from showing up, since I’m sure I’ve gone there first before and have been able to do the quest, so perhaps you missed something beforehand.

getting the engine Oo?
kay, maybe that’s the thing i missed … ^^
@Lexis i do get an engine?
sounds logical, but i didn’t found any engine …
do i really GET the engine @ Lexis

u could write it in german too, i come from Austria, makes it easier for me 2 ;D

sorry 4 the doppelpost.

the engine will be ready, when i got the flower for the girl …

so i wont get the engine know,
is there nobody, who can help me? :frowning:

If you talked to Lexis, the girl SHOULD be there. Unless you have a bugged ROM or something, I see now reason why she shouldn’t be. If you have an older save file, try starting from that. Whenever I play emulated games, I always make a couple backup saves. It comes in handy.

erm, i feel f00ked :[
i have no save b4 that happening,
is there a way, with an cheat program or something, to skip this part, or to change this situation and solve my problem?

only thing, that comes in my mind is, to get another rom from Lufia, an open the current savegames.

btw sorry 4 my poor english, i do my best :wink:

Tis not a problem. Little tip: Numbers replacing words is usualy frowned upon. :wink:

It might not be a bad idea to try a new ROM. What emulator do you use? ZSNES?

but I am of the opinion that the problem is not emulatorbased, cannot really say, what makes me thinking of that, but it would be very unlogical if it works, if I change the emulator.

You don;t need to get a new emulator to try a different ROM. Just download a differnt one of the same game and rename it to whatever your current one is. It should load all your old savestates.

I cannot load my save files with a different rom, tested it …

sorry for doppelpost again, but I think i found my problem …
in the walktrough it means

After talking to Lexis, you learn about the engine. Unfortunately, you’re going to need a very strong boat to hold it. Go see Jiad.

but there is no way to get to Jiad in Aleyin, because there is no boat in Narcyssus?

Hmm…sorry, but I don’t recall off the top of my head. As much as I hate to say it, you might wanna check a different walk through. Give a look-'round.


on the named page, and on the first wlakthrough, i look at … there was something, that switched on something in my brain:

So, Warp back to Aleyn and enter Jyad’s house.

I totally forgot the spell: Warp, which brings you back to places you already have been, i forgot it, because i never used it and never had to use it.
Damn, didn’t saw the forest because of all the trees :lol:

thank you that much :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you care but you are currently running off of the SNES9x correct? I have it and it is good but you might want to reconsider with the ZNES. It is much better. It gives you a bigger view of the game and has helped me a lot. And it works with the other roms. Here is the place you can get it if ya want it. Dang I hope this doesn’t go against the rules. Das würde nicht gutes, sowieso gutes Glück mit Ihrem Problem sein. Tchuss.

thank, ill try the Zsnes … but i used the snes9x for such a long time, so it’s somehow sad to delete it or don’t use it anymore :wink: