Ask me anything

I rock… AND roll, all day long, sweet susie.

Are you a perfect person? Are there many things you didn’t do? Do you continue learning? Did you mean to do those things to me?

Do you like Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, or any other hair metal bands?

What is(are) the point(s) of intersection for {[(x - 2)^2 / 9] + [(y - 3) ^ 2 / 16]} = 1 and y = -3x - 8?

What is your birth name?

Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold. Peas porridge in a pot 9 days old. Can you spell that with 4 letters?

Why are there so many questions, so few answers?

LOL LOL! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Still trying to figure that out. Excellent question.

My quesiton is: How did you get to be so awesomely cool?


Charle- Do you like Hoobastank?
Who should rule the world (other than yourself)?
Are you going to answer more than 10% of these questions?

I know Charle’s birth name :smiley:

WHats your real name???

What would you do if there were no girls to maul?

Why are you putting yourself through all of this questioning?

Are you interested in Harry Potter?

Why does Evanjeline keep making double posts? :3

Is she in two Minds?

How many people live inside your head?
who has asked the most stupid question so far?
who has asked the most intelligent question so far?
are you ganna answer any more now ur over 3k?

It just happens sometimes… I don’t do it intentionally. Sometimes I think things after I post so I post again… Is that bad?

If you want to know that then ask someone who knows me, maybe they’ll know the answer.

Yes well, we all get that you’re buddies with Urkani geesh :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t saying that, I was just stating that asking Charlemagne wouldn’t get a response about my sanity.

more questions!