Ask me anything

Almost to the big 3K, so ask me anything, and I will answer it, or I will refuse to answer it. I didnt answer the last one I made, but this time could be different.

Why is it that people always have to do threads like this when they get close to 1K/2K/3K/anyK posts?

Are you a Monk, or just a Friar? ^_~

Why are cold chicken tikka sandwiches so god-damned delicious?

Why am I so in love with TD?

What? I thought you loved me wimpers


Why are bakers dozens made of 13 somethings?

What happens when a black hole meets a black hole, comin’ through the rye?

Why are you so cool?
Why do you change your avatar so much?

How did a fink-rat such as you become to the posessor of 3000 posts!?

Fawful, why the hell do you call everyone fink-rats?

Because everyone is a fink-rat!

If you suddenly went completely bald, what would you have for dinner?

Uh, that question just makes me vaguely nervous, GG …

What kinds of Finnish trinkets would you want if I brought some for the Cali Meeting?

Do you really want a bath?

Yup! I forgot Deoratant today, and K/o a squirrel playing golf. (and my partner)

Windytwit: Favourte Curry?

Big Nutter: Favourate FF Villan? (OK- only Charlemange answer)

Big Nutter
More Coming up!

Why is the human race hell bent on self destruction? (individualy, collectively and bush)

why do hot dogs come in packages of eight and hot dog buns come in packages of six? :hyperven:

What is your opinion on how cool you are?

Why does sex smell so sexy?

What is it that keeps you here at RPGC? Seriously.