Ask a Ninja

This is amazingly, ridiculously, gut-wrenchingly hilarious.

Isn’t that the guy from The Daily Show?

That is pretty decent.

Soylent Green is… Kermit!

Great line.

What starts with N and ends “your life”?A ninja!

That line is pretty good.Decent clip overall.

I LOVE Ask A Ninja. Ninja Omnibus is still my favorite.

Ask a Ninja is bloody awesome.


Seems to me like a strongbad with no drawings and more ninjutsu.

DITO. xD Ninja cream puffs. <3 I still go around saying “Anything is possible. But it is nooot very likely.”

I wish I had the wisdom of the ninja. Then I could answer questions at unique camera angles.

Those panda’s are going to keep getting gianter until we stop them. People in bamboo houses should not through pandas. …Jesus said that.