Asian Pirates Sell Microsoft's Next Windows System

$1.58, Haw.

Actually brings up a few intresting questions…

One of the greatest fears of using Longhorn was its Internet security checks, supposedly from one of MS’s own servers.

If the product is being sold, and, (though its just a guess) working, does this mean that such fears of Big-Brotherness are unfounded? I doubt Microsoft would have said server up already.

You sure like posting those news articles

Im bored and besides its only two sheesh =)

You know…if someone bough tthat…it could be open source!

We could make a new Freeware windows OS! One not controlled by Bill Gates!

<img src=“”> Or since the actual code is copyrighted you’d end up with a nightstick up your ass.

They’re late. We’ve been buying LongHorn here in BR for months now.

Longhorn isn’t even in it’s pre-alpha stage… so this is kinda pointless :\

This just pisses me off more. I just finished a paper on music piracy and how much it costs the record industry. I just with these frickin’ pirates would get a life.

Awesome. 1.58 is how much <strike>AHugePileOfShit</strike>Longhorn should cost. Go Malasian pirates!

Psssssh… Riiiiiiiiight.

Goes back to Debian

Oh, and any word on IE 7? Will it have full CSS 2 support finally?

(Of course, it will be released at a time where browsers have moved on to CSS 3…)

DIE, GATES!!! DIE!!! p:unch:: :enguard:

…oh wait. What were you talking about again?

Uhm. My take on that: That’s pretty fucking stupid. They need something to do with all their free time.

Why would anyone pay, it’s freely obtainable on the Internet. And Microsoft doesn’t do a lot to stop it at all, mostly because it provides them with free advertisement.

And Longhorn is in too early stages to be very useable, and you’ll have to get past the activation.

What is the bloody point? The damn thing is like Windows ME; it doesn’t work worth a damn! At least XP, despite its many problems, is actually able to run SOMETHING!

And if there IS going to be some sort of spy thing put into Longhorn, it looks like it’ll be a last minute kind of thing. If they had found something in it through the act of piracy, they’re sure being quiet about it. Then again, people are becoming more and more afraid of their computers and privacy, so rumors are bound to pop up whenever something like that happens.

<img src=“”> There’s a difference between a bad OS, and a pre-alpha OS. There’s a difference between rumors, and confirmed facts from Microsoft.

It wont effect MS that much.
They are still filthy fuckin’ rich.

Originally posted by Gizamaluke
It wont effect MS that much.
They are still filthy fuckin’ rich.

That, and the damn thing doesn’t work fully. Like every other Microsoft release. Think about it. What if every Windows OS was, in actuality, a pre-alpha release? That would explain a lot.

Getting a pre-alpha OS is not stupid at all. People here aren’t using Longhorn to do their regular stuff. My friends have installed it in some machines just to see how it may look like when it’s released.

Most of my friends have tried the Build 4015 version. We got it in June. This alpha version shows a lot of new things that may come up in the final release version.

The visual, as always, is the first part in which you notice the differences. The blue tones are yet more dominant than in XP, and the desktop is very clean. The main novelty you’re gonna notice is a side bar by the right side of the screen with many programs. It’s as big as ICQ and goes from the top of the screen to the task bar. There is a watch with the Longhorn symbol in there, together with a box used to run searches in the disks and i the internet and Windows Media Player. The system tray is less important now. Programs that had their icons displayed in the system tray now are displayed in the side bar. Finally, the OS messages appear in the desktop (no more popup boxes with an ok button).

Other things I noticed:

1-) it doesn’t display the letters of the drives (it does show the HD, floppy & CD, but does not give the A:, c: and D:)

2-) there is a program that manages which other programs are to be executed at startup. It could always be done manually like before, but Longhorn seems to be made for the really laypeople. And I do mean the layest. A lot of other things have little programs to help the novice manage the computer well.

3-) the only icon in the desktop after installation is the trash bin. My Computer & the others are not there.

4-) Windows Explorer is quite crashy. Ok, it won’t be in the release version, but it would help testing a lot if it had already been fixed.