ANythwya, Im pissed necaise of how fucked up my ex is and sio here I am, I like you all. Goodbey

Let me be the first to call BS.

I am so high right now lol

Why do people always come on the boards when they’re drunk?

izlude is about to go where no man has gone before!!!

It was fun for the one time I didn’t know enough to calm down a bit before I started typing stuff.

What, the girls’ bathroom? Been done.

I’m pretty sure he means to Kansas but maybe I’m wrong

The girls’ bathroom in Kansas, obviously

But Kansas the state, or Kansas the band?

At least Cammy doesn’t get annoyed when you post drunk, eh Iz?

I don’t. I go on chat when I’m Drunk!!

You’re old enough to drink? I always thought you were thirteen.

We need a rule against drunk posts.

We don’t need one. Just can it as spam.