ASCII gamers, Rejoice!

No more lag for us :wink:

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The 9500 ASC is very similar to the 9500 PRO, but it has an added ASCII Processing Unit (APU) on the card to handle the complex calculations needed to render creatures like the A and the M in Nethack.


Yuck, those ASCII games hurt my eyes.

really old news… its been on the nethack site for months.

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Yuck, those ASCII games hurt my eyes.

Silence, heathen! That is a classic you’re talking about there.

Although I’m reminded of ZZT and Megazeux… Nice one Wert! laughs

ZZT was awesome, I gotta find it again.

Megazeux is very good, if you like ZZT. You can do more with Robotic and you can actually design the characters in a limited fashion (limits of Ascii actually), and can actully come up with some very good two color pictures with good char editing.

Anything over 120 is useless, so 1000 fps…is like overinflated trash.

And anyone who actually thinks that anyone would make a video card for ASCII games in mind… is an idiot.

Just look at those high-rez alphanumeric characters! :hahaha;