As you can see, Mr. Spoonerson, we've had our eye on you for quite some time ...

Sorry, couldn’t resist. I can just see it now … “Goodbye … Mister Powers …”

There is no Spoonybard?

… Kay, you win.

If you want to bend the spoony you have to…ah screw it…I dont remember what to say other than there is no spoony

“Do not try and bend the spoonybard … that’s impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth.”

“What truth?”

“There is no spoonybard.”

“There is no spoonybard?”

“You heard me.”

“Er …”

“Instead, try to realize that you are really bending yourself.”

lol, thats funny

I have no idea what the hell you guys are on…soooo, where can I get some?

We’re talking about Online life. Sort of.

hehe this is terribly sad quoting from matrix…dam you beat me to it :slight_smile: