As of this moment, Sinistral has 9999 posts.

Seriously. Sinistral, post your 10,000th post here!

Will he?


Initiating countdown to Rapture.

We still need to grind for 99 Dark Matters so we can put Break Damage Limit on Sinistral’s account :<

I think it’d be funny if he posted that 10,000th post in a hidden forum nobody can access, just to deny us that little bit of pleasure.

I thought we had slave monkeys for that kind of thing? And if not, what are those things in the Agora dungeon?


I just hope he doesn’t use his 10 thousandth post for something sinister like “TIME KOMPRESSION!!!” or something.


I think Zero, Merlin, or SK should reset Sin’s post count.

I think Sin just needs to get a life.

Just kidding Sin, I still love you…

Oh, the suspense! The drama!

That’d only be fun if he couldn’t change it back.

Dear lord, if only my friends were here to see this day… then again they wouldn’t care.

But they would be seconding Trillian’s shout, just for the sake of it being OVER 9000 THOUSAND!!!

Wow…9999 posts, that’s alot. Oh, and to Weiila, I’m one of those “slave monkeys” searching for 99 Dark Matters. XD That’s why I was gone for two years. Found about 12 while playing around with my anti-matter/matter engines plans. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sin! Pwease post your 10k post here! Or I will come into your mind and continuously sing “I got knocked down, but I got up again, they’ll never gonna keep me down.” Over and over and over…you get the point. (Maybe I’ll rick-roll you as well).

…Bah, I’m probably too lazy to do them. >.<

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Post there. Right in the middle.

Ooo…this is exciting! Interesting at the very least. Haha

Make it a happy birthday thread. Cause if you just keep holding back till, you’ll ultimately let people down when your post isn’t as clever as anticipated.

Fine. Reset it AND take away his Admin status.


But no.