As if the NFL wasn't enough.

EA also nabbed the AFL.

Sega really got EA scarred with ESPN NFL 2K5 this year. Too bad EA doesn’t know how to compete like Seag and is resorting to cheap tactics. Football games just crappy. Sega really only has the NCAA if it still wants to make football games.

I didn’t even know they made AFL games. o_O

They don’t, but that was a possible for Sega to nab to at least secure a professional football league after EA nabbed the NFL. EA will now make AFL games, but they had no plans to before and haven’t so far.

Well, Sega could always make CFL games…

Or even an XFL game. That’d be so awesome!

Yeah! You get to play one season, and then the game crashes!

I say fuck’em. Let EA take thier cheap-ass tricks and petty monopolizing licenses…

Midway, or another rival should just take a deep breath, take some time and create a BADASS football game that doesnt rely on official names and harkens back to somthing many new games are loosing sight of…


Make a good, solid, and most importantly - FUN TO PLAY - football game and EA will be eating shit. Of course they’ll still win many morons over because of thier bitch-dedication. But gamers alike will appreciate good gameplay no matter what it looks like or what names are on it.

If the companies are worthy, they’ll survive.

The NCAA football games are really fun and pretty easy to play. The biggest problem I had with football games in the past was that they were pretty difficult. But now they’ve simplified the formula and it’s pretty easy and quite fun. So oddly enough, now I’m a sports games fan. :o

Sega already did that with ESPN NFL 2K5, which is what partly prompted EA to buy the licenses (the other part being the NFL offering them). Also, the license is needed to for atmosphere (one of thebiggest goals of sports games in general is to make it feel like you are watching the game) and to appeal to the masses. Hell, one of the biggest reasons that Madden sells so well is because of it name. The name boosts sales. Sure there will be thoe that look at reviews and read about gameplay, but many still go for the name.

The reff makes a bad play + mad coach = gangsta shoot out NFL style

EA sucks. And I suck for supporting them. Even If Madden 04 was the last game of theirs I purchased. And I saw the light by playing Sega ESPN NFL 2k5, and it makes Madden look like a bizznatch.

50 dollars says they don’t make an AFL game even with the exclusive rights. ;p