As if the NFL and AFL weren't enough.

Yes, EA gets exclusive rights to ESPN (good bye Madden). Now Sega can’t even make their other sports games the same way, they have to completely change it. No more ESPN NHL or ESPN NBA. Sega can still make NHL and NBA games, but will have to change the presentation. EA is REALLY starting to piss me off. EA is starting secure exclusive deals to sports almost on a weekly basis now which is really scary. EA has resorted to worse tactics than MS, which I didn’t think was possible.

Well, the NHL thing isn’t a big loss, since… well, the NHL may never even come back.

And as much as I want to be mad at EA, I’m just so awe-struck and impressed at the fact that Mario, Luigi and Peach are going to be in the Gamecube version of NBA Street V3 that I can’t help but love them.

I don’t see how many sports games we need in the first place. They already rerelease the same game year after year hardly changing anything becides the titles and player stats.

When EA takes the rights for the ABA. That’s when it’s alllll over :stuck_out_tongue:

You crack me up. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you played the games this year, you would see how much they have improved and see the competition. Also, the reason we want several companies to make sports game is so that they do improve and we get competition like we did this year. If in the early days of RPGs, Enix was the only one to make them, RPG wouldn’t have advanced that much and we’d still be saving the princess and slaying dragons after gaining a million levels since Enix would be the only one making them. If you played the Anniversary Edition of Madden 2005 and played some of the older games, you’d be amazed by how much Madden has improved over the years. Madden 2004 was actually a pretty big update to 2003, 2005 wasn’t as much though. It had some nice bells and whistles, but not a drastic change. I’ve only played NFL 2K3 and EPSN NFL 2K5 and there is a monstrous difference in quality between the 2. It makes me wonder what ESPN NFL was like to see the difference. Competition is good for consumers. Besides, if you think that sports games don’t change much from year to year with the old situation, the coming years are going to be worse since EA literally will be able to just update the rosters and sell the game without updating the engine. Also, while you may not like sports games, they are still a huge selling genre. Also, if EA is doing this with sports, what is to stop them from buying other licenses?

The same thing could be said about any game genre if you apply different “changes”

See what I mean? And I’ll second the fact that competition breeds quality. Securing rights is a sign of lazyness… Think of it as… EA earned up the money to do this shit, now they dont feel as if they NEED to continue busting ass so they’ll make sure even if they fuck up, no one can take the throne…

EA = The Devil

I smell an anti-trust suit a-comin’

Indeed, zee 984!

's far as I’m concerned, you can watch me never play a sports game again.

Still not interested in sports games. Still doesn’t affect me. :slight_smile:

Though if you ask me, what we need now is a new wave of Mutant League games. THOSE were the shiznit.

You should still be worried since if EA continues this practice it could put other companies out of business, since Sega does pretty well with sports, or EA could buy more exclusive deals or licenses and hurt those genres as well.

Fuck, man. That’s insane.

Electronic Arts explains the ESPN agreement as helping gamers: “This relationship was created to benefit consumers who are passionate about sports games,” said EA CEO Larry Probst. “EA SPORTS recreates the real life experience fans enjoy while watching or playing their favorite sport; while ESPN programming captures the look, sound and excitement of the sports they follow. Together, we believe we can significantly grow the interactive sports category.”

Seriously, how is this going to help gamers? I think more than anything they will be alienated by EA’s practices.