As if Iraq wasn't bad enough...

Just you all wait…Us Aussies are just letting you destroy yourselves, then we shall RULE THE WORLD WITH OUR SAVAGE KOLAS, AND KILLER KANGAROOS!



that won’t be for a long time, though…

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And it’s brilliant plan! Just repeat Afghanistan:
[li]Say: We will liberate you from your supressive government!
[/li]> [li]Attack the so called supressive government.
[/li]> [li]Make an attempt of establishing a democratic government; preferably pro-American.
[/li]> [li]Darn. We failed. Let’s distract the media by attacking someone else.
[/li]> [/ul]

Foreign policy for domestic ends. Playing to the audience at home, not abroad.

Keep the idiots distracted with the bread and circuses, and a “Hitler of the Month” Club.


that won’t be for a long time, though…"

Well, 1 Week Wars, less than a month in between…

The only problem with Bush’s strategy is this: we’ll eventually run out of evil dictators in the Middle East to blame things on. Soon he’ll have to launch an attack at someone else…hmmm…

pulls down a map that shows a target over Canada

I’ll say this though in favor of Bush’ argument (surprisingly), we do have a reason to wonder about nukes with Iran because they have Uranium mines in their territory (recently discovered). And though its debatable if they support Al Qaeda, they do support Hamas and Hezbollah.

Bush and co. are concerned about Iran because Iran is building nuclear reactors for, Iran says, energy purposes. This is kind of strange considering all that oil Iran has.

It doesn’t matter if Iran supports Al-Qaeda or not. Bush and co. want that Fundamentalist government out of there.

This could could actually work out. The religous leaders in Iran lost 80% of the vote last election and had to forcibly hold on to power. There are already pro-democratic reformers in high levels of Iran’s government, including the prime minister, a man named Khatami. The clerics have the power, but if there was a revolution there would be popular democratic leaders to move in and help get a new government on its feet. Most of the people in Iran are in their teens and twenties and love everything Western and American. The Bush administration’s attempts to destabilize Iran’s government could work as long as their not too overt, and military force isn’t used.

This kinda reminds me of a time i was playing BG…I was wanderin through a random place…and couldnt find a hostile anywhere…so a Neutral is close enough…i quickly ran out of them too…But Minsc and Boo were happy enough to die…