As if he could get any cooler...

Bruce Dickinson: heavy metal singer, life saver

Let’s see Bono top THIS.

Woah, that’s pretty damn cool. :o

Go Bruce! And my mom used to not like seeing me listen to Iron Maiden when I was younger because she thought the group members looked so mean!

(psst, it’s Dickinson >.>)

These guys are really pretty normal when it comes down to it. They found a way to make money and become popular, and used it. Its not like they become heavy metal singers because of the uncontrollable rage plaguing their lives that can only be exhausted through heavy metal.

They? there’s only one singer in the band! And yeah, they just do it because it’s fun. Most metal bands, no matter what style they play, play the music because it’s fun.

I already heard about this, on a metal forum no doubt. I wonder which song would be more appropriate: “Run To The Hills” or “Flight Of Icarus”? HAHA!


Yeah, the fun, and the money :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes yes we all know people like to have money because without it they can’t do a lot of the things they want to do, but I really doubt Iron Maiden started to make money. I’m pretty sure they still play shows and do tours to make money, but also because they love playing the music. They just happen to have career’s they love I guess.

(psst, thanks. EDIT MAGIC)

Wait, wait, wait, professional pilot? He has a job?

CRAZY! Good on him
I just watched a Bio Story on Heavy Metal not to long ago, and he would appear once and a while making comments and saying cool shit. Also he was dressed like the Crocodile Hunter! lol

Yes, Bruce Dickinson, frontman of Iron Maiden, is a professional pilot. He also fences, and has appeared on a few shows on the Discovery channel apparently. Most musicians have a regular job anyways.

First I see a Bill Hicks performance for the first time, then I see this. Today would be an awesome day if it weren’t for the twelve hour shift I had to pull 'cause of some asshat.

<3 Bill Hicks!

But, back on subject, Bruce Dickinson is a cool guy. He’s also an incredibly good fencer, and was, in fact, asked to join the British Olympic Team last time 'round.

Most people in bands in general are pretty normal, from what I’ve been able to tell; Jello (Dead Kennedys), for example, is very hostile and angry onstage, but after the show, he went out to pizza with me and a few other kids in the crowd. It was kind of a surreal experience, and I’m still pissed that I don’t remember what kind of pizza he got.
However ridiculous they are on stage, most of them are pretty nice, average people, moreso than most average people you meet. Probably because they have an outlet for all theirblistering, face melting rage. And guitar solos. Pent up guitar solos can give you an ulcer.

You are overanalyzing it. Want to know what pizza I get tonight?

Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong name, but I recall Christopher Walken playing a record producer named Bruce Dikinson in the infamous Blue Oyster Cult sketch on SNL… any relation to the Iron Maiden front man?


Cool, which performance did you see? (Or if you don’t know, what jokes was he doing?)

No. Those are two different Bruce Dickinsons. I don’t think Bruce Dickinson(the singer) is even old enough to have produced a Blue Oyster Cult album before joining Iron Maiden.

I saw Revelations, which was just awesome. I also saw his half hour HBO stand up special, which was pretty funny. I still don’t see how Denis Leary stole his material, though. They seem like two different animals.

Yep. I mean, when people start digging other music, the musicians need a backup plan.

There is a record producer Bruce Dickinson, and Bruce Dickinson the singer now does some tape research and record production (or so I’ve heard/read), however, as far as I know, Bruce Dickinson not-singer is still producing. Which leads to a lot of confusion, I’d imagine. I’m still wondering which one did the tape research for one of my Clash comps.

Ugh, for the last time, Bill Hicks stole Dennis Leary’s material. Then, to hide it, he added wit and punchlines, and to really throw everybody off, he made them first.