As expected...

LPC : 135
CPC : 96
BQ : 54
NDP : 20

And the winner of the Federal Elections of Canada and STILL Prime Minister of Canada…


I think I’m going to shoot myself.

For me and most people I knew it was the devil we knew vs. the - devil - we - sure- as - hell - won’t - turn - our - backs on. Though it would’ve been fun too vote for a third party that promises to lower the boiling point of water.

Just be happy you people don’t live under George W. Bush.

At least bush is semi-young and mixes things up a little. Martin is a dry old man who is the absolute 100% worst candidate for PM ever. There’s image, but no substance behind him. He’s not going to DO anything.

I was kidding about Bush by the way >>;

And they’re good points? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was watching the polls last night. Why couldn’t there be more NDP elected dammit?! I always favoured them, mainly because my mom always votes for them. Next year I’m gonna vote NDP. Since I’m relatively new to the whole politics thing I never realized the Bloc Quebecois in Quebec was more popular than the NDP all across the country. What did those guys do to remain at the bottom of the list?

They failed to recruit loyal subjects who would vote for them regardless of how shitty their platform was like the Liberals do. NDP had the best platform by FAR. There wasn’t even a comparison. If voting was honest, they would’ve won.

Two words.

Jack Layton.

You see, Alexa Mcdonough was more than qualified to run at least another election, however, the people in her party thought she sucked beyond human comprehension, and thus put Jack “Clown” Layton instead. Bad move.

And Eva, never underestimate the Bloc. The Bloc is the only party that can get a great majority vote out of the people in Quebec as its…well, the party that actually represents them.

I also suspect the fear campaign the liberals did as the reason for the poor results of the NDP.

Saturn - Harper was a mini-Bush, same ideas, same everything, only without the power to realize them. What’s worse? He was the second favorite candidate to win this.

There is nothing in canada that can’t be solved by freeing Qubec and lowering the prices of Maple Syrup or hockey pucks

At least the NDP got a significant increase in votes (compared to last time). I thought that Layton did a pretty good job of answering questions after his speech, myself.

Pssh, Bush didn’t do EVERYTHING wrong, did he? (I mean that as an actual question, I really have no idea what goes on besides what people talk about due to not watching TV)

I read today that the election eased Liberal fears about the more Conservative party taking over more control. But what it did do was force the Liberals to make a coalition government in Parliament since they have less than the majority. So the NDP is likely to have a bigger role because they’re needed by the moderate left; so Canada may end up going more leftist soon. Which contramands the direction Canada looked to be heading.

Plus the Quebecois bloc emerged again apparently, which could spell trouble soon for Canada.