Art Of Love

I like the metaphors and imagery in this. Let me know what you think:

<u>Art Of Love</u>
O daylit eyes, you artists of my soul,
Who trace my frame across the universe:
Dip your brush in daylight’s little paint-bowl,
And this dark earth, in radiance, immerse!
Fellow souls, my friends, painted by these eyes,
You who nigh-reflect my very image:
I sense the guidance of an artist wise,
Who demonstrates, for us, a true image.
O soul, to contemplate this art divine:
Long, long to gaze upon this brilliant sun,
Whom the rapid fire itself shall enshrine,
Dancing in half-cloaked splendor; still outdone!–
Then, then, pining to view this art up close,
Might I grasp: Love animates the cosmos.