ARRR! Talk-Like-A-You-Know-What-Day is here!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day is here. Although Ninja Pirating is on the rise. Savvy?


Hempen halters, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day already? Yaaar! breaks out the rum

Any of you fine wenches wanna come back to my place and shiver me timbers? ^_~

You rottin piece of maggot infested sea dogs, get outta my cabin!

Modern pirates speak Thai. Yar.

Yeah. Me, matey.

Arrrrr we shall sail the 7 seas!

Yar. You Yar.

pirate edit: The Yars Yars Yars, pirate band of the year.

I tolly forgot and trilly didn’t tell me :<



B4 I run out of time let me just say:

“Bring me Peter Pan”

Yar, I be late fer the party…
Be there any more rum, mateys?

Sure, but why’re you asking me?

Arrggh!I’ll cut you landlubbers up with me dastardly crew!And give you pirated music on your laptop!

Y’arr, all the rum be gone!

But WHY is the rum always gone?

Because we drank it!

Y’arr dat rum is gooood! It is shivering me timbers (and making me feel kind of tipsy)

Yar, I mention you cause Yar’s a pirate trademark, by me wooden leg.

Kay. I mean, uh, arrr.