I can’t get onto my MSN because it keeps asking if I want to update, but whenever it’s done, it says I don’t have the minimum requirements for it to run. It’s IE 6 or something. So i go and download that but it keeps saying it can’t be installed and I have to close all applications, but nothing is open…this happens if I try to update stuff on as well…what do i do?

Is it possible for you to give me the EXACT error that is returned when you try to install IE6/Update? Copied straight from the dialog. That’d be helpful.

Set up was unable to install all the components. Please close all running applications and try running Set Up again.

Save the setup if you havn’t already
Reboot your computer
Press F8(?) at startup to enter safemode
Run the install again

Post the error you get, if any.

It says the exact same thing…guuuuuh I can’t wait to upgrade to XP. Guess it’s back to old msn for me.

A temporary fix would be to use Trillian or Gaim instead of the MSN Client.

Nul, i think she means the MSN portal, the application that gives you all the extra features with you MSN connection. I could be wrong though. Otherwise, why would she need IE6?

Eva, try increasing your PageFile memory. If this is indeed a lack of resources issue, it should help =\

To do this, turn off your computer
F8 at POST to go back into Safe Mode
Right Click My Computer
Advanced Tab
Performance box > Settings button
Advanced Tab
Virtual Memory box > Change button
Check Custom Size radio button
Set it somewhere between the initial and max, increase it a few times if you still get the error.
Click Set
Click Ok
F8 at POST to enter Safe Mode
Then try to install it again.

I was trying to install MSN, the chat thingy. Don’t ask me why I need IE6 with it.