Arranging a Halloween party.

I happen to live in Finland, a country that doesn’t formally celebrate Halloween as-is, but a few individuals do. Since the day’s on Saturday this year and I happen to have the weekend off, I thought I could throw a halloween themed party this year.

What sorta stuff should I prepare and what kinda stuff should I remember in general? Help a foreigner in distress!

Naturally, the main requisite for entry is a costume. (And an invitation- And a sense of humor along with modesty.) I also thought about slicing up two pumpkins in front of the doorstep. Also, punch… (Heavily spiked.)

For the events, mostly jolly social interaction, a few games like Trivial Pursuit, Alias, some drinking games (Crazy Mushroom), maybe Spin the Bottle. (No DDR. It’d end up in chaos. Maybe Singstar XD) I dunno much about a movie.

No trick’or’treating due to living in a country which doesn’t support such :frowning: And the guest list’s average age is 19. (Then again, we’re all just overgrown kids :D)

Foods? (Thought about asking the folks to bring along some so all the pressure wouldn’t be on me…) Decors? (Horror?) Lighting? Music? (Psychedelic Trance?) Events? Games? Help me out here, or it’ll just be another boring drinking event… with costumes on.

Have everyone go in ghost costumes!

No, seriously. Remember that spin the bottle is ONLY a good game when everyone is drunk, never before. Ever.

Also I don’t know about your friends, but get REALLY BAD horror movies. You know the kind if you’ve ever watched MST3K.

Halloween parties ALWAYS, NO MATTER HOW CHEESY IT MAY BE, require Bobbing for Apples.

And if you can do it, try and get some dry ice so there’s low level fog across your floor at all times. Spooky.

Jello bwains! :smiley:

and an end of the night game of soggy biscut.

Light a bunch of candles in the dark and then chant for three hours. Should be a good time.

Uh…have a place were you can relax and play scary videogames!

Rent a couple of either the best or the worst horror movies you can find. I’d lean on the bad ones.

For a few good suggestions, check out and check out the “Spooky Movie Spotlights” under Minimocks.

<img src=“”> Why not set up a mini Haunted House area for people to enter. What you can do there can be up to other people suggestions, but maybe make it a prize to enter there (a beer or something).