Arranged Elfmo songs! Yeah!!!!

So, yeah. Anyone remember Elfmo’s Adventure? That crazy game that Epicgamer made? Well, I wrote the music for it…and in the past few days, I finally got the motivation to arrange the songs for a more normal-sounding instrumentation…The main reason being that I want to make a full-out Elfmo game, and I’m rather serious about it (I almost have a complete dev team; I just need someone to make sprites and sound effects and I’m good), so having the original songs would be pretty useful.

In the actual game, I wrote the songs to only have three tracks plus one for drums; this was to make it sound like nintendo (I used a nintendo soundfont, even, heh :P). Now, the songs are recorded in anywhere from eight to fifteen tracks plus three to five for drums…and with a not-nintendo soundfont. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here they are. The first link is to the NES-sounding version (the one that was actually used in the game), and the second one is the arranged version.

Title Screen:

Elfmo’s Theme:

Dungeon BGM:

Evilor’s Theme (he’s the villain in case you couldn’t guess)

Enjoy. If you never played the game before, or are interested in playing it, go ahead and ask Epic.

I think if you get yourself a decent soundcard one day you actually have potential.

You made the NES tunes? What program did you use?

I found an NES soundfont at and I loaded it with Sonar 4. If you have any program that loads soundfonts, you can probly use it too, it’s gotta be less than 512 K.

These are pretty cool. Are you going to flog Epic to make an updated version of Elfmo with the new songs?

Wow, those are pretty good. I really like the dungeon theme and evilor’s theme.

What program do you use to produce this sort of music? I only use guitar pro so far but it seems fairly limiting in it’s quality of sound.

Even if I felt up to it, I can’t. My PC’s primary hard drive failed after my power supply blew out and I can’t access any of my code. Thirteen months worth, I’m not to happy about it.

Chuh: I’ve actually been working on making a whole entire Elfmo game, loosely (very loosely, since it was only like 5 minutes long) based on the original Elfmo game. The only thing I really need to do to get a complete team is someone to do the sound effects.

Gila-Monster, I use Noteworthy Composer. It’s a very barebones midi-sequencing program, but the interface looks like sheet music that you write on, so you kinda have to know how to read music to use it. Also, the sequencer you use won’t have any effect on what your music sounds like; for example, your guitar samples will always sound the same on every midi sequencer, unless the program comes with its own guitar samples.

Crap. I still use Modplug Tracker and it won’t use soundfonts. (I NEED something new, guh. ) But I still have my Konami soundchip pack, so everything is still gravy.

Did you buy Sonar 4, or did you pirate it from the high seas of vast yon internet?

Ah ok, thanks. Reading music isn’t that big of a problem for me, but since I already have guitar pro, maybe I’ll stick with that for now.

I have another question: What’s the point of having more than one track for the drums?