Armorer's Court : Suing Air

Read the trial of the centuary when Doctor Beruga sues Airman over attempted murder charges. Thrill at the death of the stupid cultist. And watch the Relm get beaten up again in the new TRT episode : Suing Air.

Am I lame or what? :smiley:

PS : You can find it under the section “Parody TV”, then “Armorer’s Court”.

Great job, Rirse!

Come on everyone, a round of applause for Rirse, for creating such delightful and hilarious entertainment!

applauds and whistles

I’ll check it out after I beat Terranigma. :slight_smile:

That was happy gas.

happy gas doesn’t kill people.


Man, wasn’t a talk show enough for Beruga? Oh, and tell Air Man that his brothers say “GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE PLEEEEEEEEEASE”

That was golden, Rirse. Now, if you didn’t leave so soon… ;_;

Good as every other TRT episody Rirse But…I found it short:P

If it just didn’t show evidence of Rirse being lazy.

Kor, you’re obcessed with Rirse, so your opinion doesn’t count.