Armegeddon Has Arrived

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, that is.

A cousin of mine got the game yesterday and I was playing it with him today. I did pretty horribly, as I’ve been playing Soul caibur 3 nonstop for a week and am waaay too used to its control scheme, but the game itself impressed me. It didn’t seem to innovate all that much from Deception at a glance, but it was definately fun. The charachters, man, the charachters. Stryker is still a dork, though.

I’m really interested in what the next game will be like, personally. It’s about time the series had a clean slate to work with.

Hey, I liked Deception, and I can’t wait until Armageddon- are the death traps still in place? They were cheap, but they were fun, and in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about, watching your enemies get squished mercilessly by a giant stone pine cone? :slight_smile:

There are still death traps. The gameplay of the regular fightin’ modes is nigh-identical to that of Deception.

I would have it right now, except I’m an unlucky XBox user, and have had the release date changed so many times by now. HOPEFULLY, I can get it tomorrow, and watch as everyone I have grown to love dies horrible, horrible deaths at the hand of MK’s worst character ever (Blaze).

If it’s like Deception, then fuck that shit.

Deception was way too slow for me, but I might give this a try on character fanboy basis. Rain’s back, I have heard, and I want to give my all-time MK fave and Prince-Referencing Ninja Hero a spin. Is reptile back? As in, Reptile Reptile, not “I am devolving because Boon is a son of a bitch who should never be allowed to write a storyline” Reptile. I’ve been trying to ignore as much news as I can out of fear that a once-great series of fighting games will be once again assraped.
And hatred, since I never liked an MK as well as three, because I couldn’t kill Stryker in those.

Reptile’s in his Shaolin Monks form, with his alternate costume being his Deadly Alliance form. And to be honest, I like Reptile actually LOOKING like a reptile, not like a frog who wears a human/ninja disguise for absolutely no goddamn reason.

And I never liked Rain in MKT; he was a cheap king amongst cheap characters, was really meant as nothing more than a joke, and was yet another pallete-swapped ninja, which I’m glad are gone. Hopefully they toned him down a bit in this version.

Edit: And once again, Boon did NOT write the storyline. He is simply the head programmer. John Vogel is the main scriptwriter now that Tobias is gone. Blame Boon for gameplay problems, blame Vogel for the plot.

mm, pallete-swapped ninjas…

Maybe, but the connotation of him having devolved is the part that bothered me. If he had just, you know, stopped disguising himself, it would’ve been different. It’s not the look I mind, it’s the fact that the look represents him not being vastly intelligent and cunning, just apeshit crazy and storyline-fucked yet again. I mean, fuck, he was described as intelligent and cunning in the first 3 MKs, and yet, after being told, every fucking game that Shao Kahn commited genocide on his species (apparently in-canon, at that), he’s serving him like a lapdog again next game. Kontinuity, you say? Fuck you, Vogel replies, I cannot write a storyline for Reptile that is half decent or even sensical in the apparent canon. He meets Khameleon, but doesn’t babymake with her, and forgets when she tells him, oh, just, the most important thing he has ever heard.

That’s what was so beautiful about him; he was quite possible the highest-tier character in the game, and his character concept?
I know, I know, these times are changing, but I want my damn Prince reference back and not even toned down in the least.