Do You Think The world will end soon, and if so, how.

I think the world will end soon, because no matter what happens on Election day, the pieces are already in motion. And if the Red Sox beat the yankees, then the world will probably end after the world series.

But seriously, Bush has started a holy war that he has made bigger than The People, himself, or his agenda. and it’s called Operation Culture shocking oil whore.

there’s more to the world than just the fuckin US of A you know…

and no the world is not gonna end very soon

The world won’t end, but that’s not to say we won’t.

somewhere i saw on some documentary about the bible code that the world would end in 2010 (maybe) and so if it does yay if it doesnt more yay.

If the end of the world happens, it’ll be our own damn fault, and not by the choice of [insert name of higher being here].

However, I think America’s flirting with the idea of falling in on itself, one way or another.

We don’t have the technology to destroy the planet. Only ourselves.

And the Earth will end when the core cools and stops and the solar wind begins to scour life away from the surface. Then wait a few more million years for the sun to do it’s thing.

As soon as I can figure out how to summon undead, yes.


Typical American attitudes, I tell ya! So full of themselves!

Full of themselves, and idiotic enough to think the world will end some time soon.

It would take something the likes of the asteriod from the film “Armageddon”, to destroy the world anytime soon. And last I checked then was nothing of that sort heading our way.

That’s not biblical, and the date is supposed to be 2012. Which is because of the extremely accurate Greek Calender which happens to end on that particular year. I’ve always thought the theory is complete crap. A stupid calender can’t go on forever, what if whoever made it decided to stop? What if they died? There are som many possible reasons why it stops there it’s pretty stupid to suspect that it’s because the world will end.

I think dinosaurs will come back from the past, which is where they really went(the future), and they will enslave us all with their time jumping capabilities. They even taught the Egyptians how to build pyramids, and the Swiss how to make cheese.

And, they taught Einstein to be really smart…

No way man, that was the Alpha-Quadrolons. Who invented math, btw.

Oh, duh! Really sorry!

I agree.

Define ‘soon’.

My theory on the “end of days” (probably copyrighted) goes like this:
The Christians gather together enough zealots to form an army, then they go to all the countries that aren’t primarily of the christian faith and present the people of these places with an ultimatum; worship or die. Some groups resist and war breaks out amongst the people. Eventually the fighting stops, the Christians have won… then all the denominations get pissy and start fighting with the other denominations until eventually they kill off each other. Then mother earth will smoke a cigarette and say “its about mother fuckin time” :stuck_out_tongue:

Not soon enough, that’s for sure. =(

When it does happen, you can bet I’ll be laughing.


Any day now, just wait until when I get angry enough.