Aria of Sorrow, death

So… umm yea, in aria of sorrow ive made it to death, and he’s just totally kicking my ass. (im even using an emulator with savestates and cant win) anyone know a good way to beat him? Like what souls\level to be at?

What I am:
Level 21
Gram sword, Elfin Robe, and a Scarf (to add def for deaths fight) are equipped. and im using the headhunter (Yellow) soul.

I can beat the first form somewhat easily but the second one is just hard, really hard I havnt figured out a way to dodge any of the attacks, or how to get close enough to hit him consistantly.

I had:
Some sort of lance (Forgot the name :P)
Elfin Robe
Luck charm (forgot to deequip)
Red: Werewolf
Blue: Beul
Yellow: Minotaur

When he gets low, slide under him, turn around, and use werewolf while hitting him.
When he goes high, run at where he threw the scythe and double jump over it.
Double jump when he starts to charge to get over it.

Thanks… I feel kinda stupid because like 20 minutes after making this thread I beat him… with only getting hit like once :thud:

Now im just lost… I just found “ancient book 2” and I already have book 1 and book 3, Im guessing those are story items? But yea… I just have no clue where to go. Ive been everywhere and im just tired of running around for hours.

Edit: Im not lost anymore, but I am in the arena and going through those gold doors to the INSANELY hard places, I already beat the two that have the armor and sword at the end, but the door at the bottom is confusing, the one with the moving platform and just 50000000000000000 beam skeletons and a wall at the end, what exactly do I do to get through that room?