I just got beaten in Marvel vs Capcom 2 by…my dad. He played it for the first time and beat me 7 times in a row.

Anyone ever got beaten by their parents in a video game?

Our old NES.
There was only a single game that my dad didn’t pwnzor.
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
That game is fuggin impossible to beat.
When you get to Tyson:
One hit and you’re down, you have about 0.000001 seconds to react, and you can’t hurt him.
(But my dad survived a round O_o)

He would beat anyone in all the other games we had. (If it was single player only, he’d have the best score.)

Except Skate or Die :slight_smile:
I was the only one that actually played the game :stuck_out_tongue:

My mom beat me most times in the old NES version of Tetris. Basically I would play a round and then she would beat my score the next round.

My mom beats me on our sega genesis games… that the only system we have. But my mom beats all the time… it’s quite sad actually.

Yep. On Lunar pool on NES. When I was a kid. My dad beat me, BIG TIME.

Thank you,

Can’t say any of my family beat me at any game. My parents are hapless techno-weenies and my mother was the only one who even tried games. ALl she played was Tetris and SMB1 - and she sucked at both heh.

My dad and my sister and I used to have an enormous Tetris rivalry.

My parents aren’t into computer games, but my older sister used to beat me quite a bit on some of my MegaDrive games. However I used to beat her just as much. So it all leveled off in the end.

My mom pwnz all in “Last Blade” for Neo*Geo CD.

Mario Kart 64 - The ultimate in family cussing matches (my family, anyways.)

I haven’t, mostly because they refuse to play anything with me. And also because I don’t play FreeCell and Solitaire, and they only play FreeCell and Solitaire.

My mom in Sokoban. She’s the Sokoban mastah. it’s insane.
And my dad in Subsink o_O There was a time he played it for hours every day. He also swore like a Sailor when a submarine bombed him. You heard it in the whole house, he almost demolished my keyboard once- and he always puts my poor speakers on maximum. My ears still hurt. The living room turned into a battlefield every time. :fungah:

I think the only games my dad could beat me at was on the sega genesis, Sonic 1 or some plane game he always played.

The only time I beat my dad at sonic was when my sister and I teamed up on Sonic 2 and almost beat the game(unfortunately my parents unplugged the game everytime we got to a certain point)

Up to today I found only one person who could match me on SNES games. I have little to no practice on other systems, though. In PC games, I mostly have my ass kicked in strategy games, but I can keep a good dogfight in first person shooters.

Twisted edge for the N64, my mom always played it, it was too boring for me though.

Dr. Mario, I am unworthy, my father, mother and grandfather > me

My mother rulez in every Tetris game I ever seen her play and my father was a master of racing games (Especially Need for speed).

My parents do not play video games. My mother has never even played one, and my father only once played. The game was Gauntlet (for the NES) and the year was 1989. I do not believe that he managed to survive the first stage.

My parents and videogames mix like kool-aid and white carpeting.

The only game my dad is good at is Duck Hunt (and I’ll admit he;s better than me at it.) and my mom struggles with the concept of anything more complex than Tetris.

This one time my dad and I were playing Mortal Kombat…I was playing as Sonja and my dad beat me horribly playing as Johnny Cage by pretty much so cornering her and repeatedly using the footsweep kick. My mum tried to beat him with Liu Kang, but she didn’t do too well.


Me: “No, mom…press the jump button AND the kick button.” >.>;